Cuisinart TOB-195 Convection Toaster Oven Review

by admin on September 26, 2014

The Cuisinart TOB-195 Convection Toaster Oven is the big brother to the Cusinart TOB-155, which we reviewed on the site here. For the most part, this oven is the same as TOB-155, but this model features an upgrade in the form of a convection fan as well as a few other minor perks. Other than that, the models are quite similar, but I’ll go over the oven and give you the details for comparison. If you’re not looking for a toaster oven with a convection fan, I’d suggest heading over to the TOB-155 review, which I linked to above.

Cuisinart TOB-195 Product Overview

  • Dimensions — 16 x 17.75 x 9.5 inches
  • Weight — 23 lbs
  • Power output — 1500 watts
  • Slice Capacity — 6-slices
  • Timer — Digital, and adjustable to user’s preference
  • Warranty — Limited 3-year warranty
  • Additional Features — Digital screen; touchpad controls; included high-quality baking and broiling pans
  • Convection — Yes.

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The TOB-195 is an attractive toaster oven, not unlike its little brother. It features a large digital display which tells you the temperature, cooking time, etc. The controls are all digital, so they’re very precise, and the LCD screen tells you exactly what temperature you’re cooking at, so there’s no guesswork involved when preparing a meal. The digital controls are all very easy to use, and are mostly straight forward. If you do happen to have trouble figuring the controls out, the manual does a rather good job of explaining them. Believe me, you want to stick to toaster ovens that have digital controls. I would personally never want to go back to using a manual control dial model again.

Toasting & Cooking in the Cuisinart TOB-195

Toasting in the TOB-195 works very nicely. There are a variety of preset toasting options to use, and you’ll have to experiment a little bit to find out which you prefer. The default setting makes for the perfect toast for me, but you might find that you want it darker or lighter, meaning you’ll have to raise or lower the settings. If you want darker toast, you may find that this oven takes longer than a regular toaster, so that might be something to keep in mind. It does, however, make perfect bagels.

The cooking functions of the Cuisinart TOB-195 are excellent, and we had no complaints about them at all. Even though this is a convection toaster oven, it cooks so well without it that you may not even need to use it at all. This is a large 6-slice convection toaster oven, meaning you can cook nearly anything a conventional oven can. It can fit a full 12-inch pizza, or you can cook things like chicken, frozen vegetables, hams, or anything that you can fit inside. It comes with a high-quality baking and broiling pans, which are a step above the standard pans that come with most toaster ovens. Along with allowing you to cook larger items, the large interior makes the unit easy to clean as you get easy access to all of the corners and crevices.

Unfortunately, the TOB-195 has the same flaw the TOB-155 has. The handle on the front door has chrome trim that goes around and tucks on the inside of the oven. This means that it tends to heat up when the oven is in use, making it hot on the outside as well. This isn’t a dealbreaker, but it’s definitely something you need to be careful with. Also, like most other toaster ovens, the exterior does get hot, as the interior of the oven does reach a temperature of up to 500 degrees. Just exercise normal safety and you won’t have any problems.

Included Accessories With The Cuisinart TOB-195 Toaster Oven

This model comes with a broiler tray as well as a drip/baking pan, both of which are large and seem to be of good quality. The center of the baking pan is raised just slightly so that drippings will flow away to the sides of the pan. This comes in quite handy if you’re cooking greasy or messy items, as those can be quite a pain to clean up in a toaster oven. You may even find that the baking pan is a bit large for everyday use, and if you do, you can use any standard baking pan in its place.

Is the Cuisinart TOB-195 Worth The Price?

Just like the TOB-155, the TOB-195 is a great toaster oven. With the convection feature that this version affords, it’s even more worthwhile. Unfortunately, it does suffer from the issue with the door trim heating up, but we don’t think it’s a huge problem.

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