Breville BOV650XL Compact 4-Slice Smart Oven With Element IQ Review

by admin on January 23, 2011

The Breville BOV650XL Compact 4-Slice Smart Oven with Element IQ is a mid-priced little brother to the popular Breville Smart Oven. It comes jam-packed with features including Breville’s “Element IQ” which I will explain later in this review. First of all, a short overview of the specs;

  • Power draw – 1800-watts
  • Dimensions – 14.2 x 16.5 x 10 inches; 13.9 pounds
  • Features – Backlit LCD screen, 3 rack positions, removable tray
  • Included – 10 x 10 inch enamel backing pan and broil rack
  • Convection – No

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The Element IQ is an energy-saving feature unique to Breville’s toaster ovens. It is a sensor technology that automatically adjusts the cooking temperature and cooking time to ensure optimal energy-efficient operation. It comes with eight pre-set cooking modes, although they can be changed to your preference and the oven will even remember the settings next time you use it. I was skeptical of this feature, but in my experience it actually worked very well and never once burned any of my food. It’s also a safety feature as it will shut the oven off when the food is done cooking. A neat trick that the oven knows is that it will adjust the toasting length of bagels or bread if it was recently used and still warm. This means that you won’t get an over-toasted piece of toast or bagel if someone already used the toaster ahead of you.

The Breville BOV650XL comes in a sleek, attractive package that looks great in my kitchen. It has an easy-to-read backlit LCD display, which changes color to indicate whether the oven is on or not. All in all, it’s a very nice looking toaster oven.

A great thing I need to point out is that this model comes with a heavy enameled baking pan and wire rack, as opposed to a cheap metal ones that come with most toaster ovens. You can tell they are of high-quality just by looking at them, and should definitely stand up in this hot oven without warping. The door is very easy to open and the crumb tray is removable from the front, making it easy to clean the inside.

So, what about the cooking ability?

Of course, the most important aspect of a toaster oven is the cooking ability, and the Breville BOV650XL excels in this area. As I mentioned earlier, the Element IQ feature of the oven will automatically alter the cooking temperature and time with the built-in sensors. The great thing about this is that it cooks the food exactly the same way every time, meaning you get a perfect bagel, pizza, cake, or any other food, every time. Yes, that’s right, I actually baked a cake in this oven, and it turned out beautifully. I use this oven mostly for bagels in the morning, but it works great for just about anything you’d want to bake or heat up. The large capacity allows for up to 8×10 baking, or cooking a 12? pizza.

The instructions and controls are easy to use, and you’ll be able to pick it up and go right away.

Is this toaster oven worth the price?

As a mid-priced toaster oven, I definitely think so! It is a high-quality oven as you would expect from Breville, and the unique Element IQ technology makes it a snap to use and gives you nicely toasted/cooked food every time. It may be a bit more expensive that other toaster ovens, but I think it’s reflected in the quality of the unit.

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