Black and Decker TRO420 Toast-R-Oven Review

by admin on September 26, 2014

Black and Decker have a wide range of quality toaster ovens on the market, and the Black and Decker TRO420 Toast-R-Oven 4-Slice Countertop Oven/Broiler is yet another that I will be looking at today. It’s another toaster oven based at the budget price point, and is quite popular, too. Let’s go over the basics, first.

  • Dimensions – 19 x 10.9 x 12.5 inches
  • Weight – 11 pounds
  • Functions – Bake; broil; keep warm
  • Timer – 30-minute timer
  • Slice Capacity – 4-slice toaster
  • Max Temperature – 450° F
  • Convection – No

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The Black and Decker TRO420 comes in a basic, white package. It’s nothing fancy, but it will likely fit in with your other appliances and decor. The interior is easy to clean, and the unit itself is fairly sturdy.

It comes with a standard broil pan, bake pan, and crumb tray. The crumb tray swings down (it is not meant to be removed) for clean-out.

Being a small oven, it’s more suited toward toasting bread and bagels as well as reheating foods. I actually also used it to cook small chicken pieces and potatoes; it can work for something like this in a pinch. It comes with a built-in 30 minute cooking timer, which is good because it can be easy to forget to turn a toaster oven off, which can be dangerous.

I also liked how it quickly reached the baking temperature, and it quickly cools off when shut off. I found that this makes it very efficient for heat-up jobs for leftovers or toasting a quick bagel in the morning.

The TR0420 does not come with many features; it’s aimed toward people who simply want a small toaster oven for basic purposes. You won’t be baking any cakes or large meals with it, but for simple toasting and the occasional baked potato or chicken fingers, it is ideal.

Is the Black and Decker TRO420 Worth a Purchase?

If you’re in the market for a very basic, budget-priced toaster oven, I would recommend it. If you are on the market for something with a little more cooking power and features, Black and Decker have a number of higher-end toaster ovens that will probably better suit you.

In conclusion, the Black and Decker TRO420 Toast-R-Oven 4-Slice Countertop Oven/Broiler is a decent purchase for the budget-minded individual.

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